Payroll Officer in Practice - Farnham

Ref: 1228 Date Posted: Monday 10 Jun 2024

Are you a payroll wizard looking for an exciting new gig that will make your heart skip a beat? Do you have the moves to make sure every employee gets their well-deserved payday on time? Look no further! Our vibrant accountancy practice bureau, nestled near the charming town of Farnham in sunny Surrey, is seeking a Payroll Maestro to join their rhythmic team.


  • Payroll Choreography: Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to juggle an array of payroll responsibilities with flair. From processing end-to-end payroll for multiple clients to ensuring accurate and timely payments, you'll be the captain of the payroll ship, leading with precision and finesse.
  • Compliance Cha-Cha: Stay on top of ever-changing payroll legislation and regulations, ensuring that clients are dancing in perfect harmony with the law. Your expertise in statutory deductions, tax codes, and benefits will be the backbone of their compliance efforts.
  • Bureau Band Leader: As a Payroll Maestro, you'll oversee a team of passionate payroll enthusiasts, guiding them through the intricacies of payroll processing. Your leadership will inspire them to perform flawlessly, turning the bureau into a symphony of seamless payroll operations.
  • Client Spotlight: Strike a pose and become the spotlight for our valued clients. You'll build and maintain strong relationships, providing expert payroll advice and solutions tailored to their unique needs. Your client-centric approach will make you their go-to partner, ensuring their payroll experiences are as smooth as a well-executed salsa routine.
  • Techno Grooves: Embrace the power of technology as you strut your stuff through our payroll software. Your skills in utilizing cutting-edge payroll systems and implementing automation solutions will keep them ahead of the curve, making payroll processing as effortless as a perfectly timed twirl.


  • Payroll Guru: Whether you have experience in the payroll industry or have honed your skills within a bureau, they're looking for candidates who can tango with payroll complexities. A deep understanding of payroll processes, tax legislation, and pension schemes will set you apart on the dance floor.
  • Eye for Detail: Precision is your middle name! We need someone who can keep their cool even when surrounded by multiple deadlines. Your ability to stay focused and pay close attention to every detail will ensure our clients' payroll routines are executed flawlessly.
  • Team Player Extraordinaire: Collaboration is key to our success. We're seeking someone who can dance seamlessly with colleagues, sharing knowledge, supporting one another, and building a positive and energetic work environment.

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